Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Lioele Blooming Pop Tint in Cherry Tint

Hello everyone ~
Today, I am going to be doing a review on Lioele's Blooming Pop Tint in Cherry tint. This was gifted by my aunt couple months ago, and I didn't really use it until couple days ago, and let me tell you, it's super awesome ! ~

Just Cherry Tint Reddish Color (; adorable packaging too xoxoxo

The back of the product, you can already tell that it is watery(:

When you open it, there comes the applicator which just looks exactly like nail polishes wand, and which i also DON'T like because it is a little bit hard to control over the amount of product you wanna put on your lips. 

Grrr,~ lol look at this red watery bottle ~ 
my baby cousin got scared because she thought it was blood, hixx'

I love love the color <3 it is very pigmented and good for everyday basic. The formula is watery so they are so easy to glide on my lips, though i have to blend it right away, or it will leave a stain on my lips.  

It left this kind of color after i blend it out. Very natural, very subtle and perfect for even an ulzzangz looks (;

Plus, is is also very moisturizing, so it won't dry out our lovely, kissable lips ^.^

This is what it looks on my lips ^.^
The color is not that red,  but you can always build it up (;

Love, love, love this lip tint, but it doesn't taste good at all >.<
hehe, excuse my ugly looking nails. ...

-cute packaging
-nice, natural color
-does not dry out my lips
-easy to glide on lips
-nice smell 

-eww taste
-nail polish like applicator

Rate: 4.5/5
recommend: yes, it is worth it ^.^

Where to get it ?
Well, you can get it from many places that sell Korean products, but i think my aunt got it from 
Lioele Texas for $13.20

This product is also available in Pink and Orange, check it out (:

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Thanks for reading and have a good day ^.^
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  1. Nice! Looks great on you ^^ I want to try that pink creamy looking one. And what are you talking about? Your nails look fantastic! Did you draw the design yourself? :O

    1. Thansk Chee ^.^ I know pink one is a really pretty color too ^.^ thanks, my nails were done by me :D

  2. I haven't tried any Lioele products nor do I really like wearing tip tints. However this tint looks very natural on you! And I love your nails btw, so cute.


    1. Thank you ^.^ the reason why i love lip tint is because they tend to stay on longer than lip sticks (: and lioele is a good amazing brand so check it out ^.^
      thanks for your compliment and for reading my blog ^.^

  3. It looks very similar to benefit's benetint (which I love!) you know benetint or have it by any chance? Then you could compare them :)

    1. Yes, i thought about it and forgot to include it in my post ^^
      I do not have it but i tried out my aunt's so I'd like to tell that this one is WAYYYYY better than Benefit's Benetint ^.^

    2. Really?:D I'll put it on my wishlist in this case *_*

    3. Yes, I kinda tried the benetint in store and they're not that pigmented:(

  4. Yes, I wonder why does lip tints always have that bitter taste ._.

    1. Hihi, some of them do, but some of them have candy like taste too ^.^

  5. I actually really like those nails! :D
    This seems so similar to the one from Benefit :P

    1. hehe, my nails are not that great but thanks(;
      and yes, but this one is wayy better than the one from benefit ^.^

  6. The swatches look really convincing! I want this bad now. *o*
    Your nails are SO CUTE. :)
    I am following you now. Super duper cute blog! x

    1. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you find it helpful♥

  7. Looks like a great product! I've been looking into buying this because it seems like a dupe for the rather expensive Benefit! Thanks for the review! I'm following back, the style of your blog is quite cute as well! >.<

    1. Thanks for following (;
      I have tried the benetint but this one is way better, so should check it out, they are also available in two other colors (;

  8. this looks very interesting, will buy it on lioeletexas (:
    thanks for the review ^^^^

    1. thanks Nhu (;
      lioeletexas has very fast shipping ^^

  9. this looks just similar to benetint, but since it's too expensive, i'll buy this from lioeletexas (:

    1. thanks Lisa (: lioeletexas is amazing ^^